Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sometimes I think about myself

And The Way I talk, and I Really Think that I have a bad side, I Retarded bad side though. ..
What I mean by that is.. I'm Nice to just about everybody, I don't hate anyone personally. But then. I do have times where i like to Talk about folks and I'd say some nasty things and Really seem to mean them. But yet its on temporary terms though i guess.

Like, I wouldn't Cuss anyone out, Fore I, The Book (lol) Does not Use Profanity... But The things i Do say when im feeling odd about things are just about racist. and although I don't consider myself a racist. Like anybody does. I have my Tendencies of calling out another's Race out by name .. For example . If it concerns black people .. or things that prople might say a person in the hood would do .. i'd say "Them White Folks This" or "Them Mexicans That" .. and you know that Aint Right .. its sad ..I need to stop that ..

Yall know what i mean.. Because No lie .. When people say "Them Project folks" I get all furious because i was born and raised in the hood.. and I don't think i fit the "project" way yall feel me ..

OH! and i have solved the problem!! .. the spell checker and all that stuff is GONE so i see that Im posting with my IE Tab Plugin on Firefox.. Weird..
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