Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ahh Pooh

Apparently Im Bored again.

I dont know man. I hadn't been blogging like i used to. I gueess I Only Blog when i feel its needed now. but anyway Here's the rest of this one.

I'm enjoying this JFK cougar network im on. its a great thing for us Former cougars. I spent hours Sunday Adding people to the Network. even made some New friends. its wild because now i have this feeling where I could care less about anything that doesnt involve me. But I love Me so I gotta find something to do in order to talk some stuff. ya know.

My Sister had her personal problems and its been going on for a while but she's through with that for now and thats a good thing. My nephew had to get a tetanus shot in his Foot because he stepped on something outside a few days ago.

Things are Slow. I stay up too late and i need to clean Up.. So there you have It. my blog for now!
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