Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've Updated my Linked in Profile Yup

why? because I need a JOB! and thats gonna be part of my way of getting one. What I Need to do Is write out a Resume though as well. Just to have just in case I need one. Oddly enough I have no Certifications and i NEED to have something now.

Why? I found a place where i might could work!! A CTC on Feret Street. Isn't that great. I think I'll go around there sometime real soon to check them out. only to see what they're working with and what they need. or what they expect our of an employee. I'd love to help build an organization as such. Infact I'd love to work for NORD. Oddly enough. im on a Alumni Network one of the Heads of NORD Larry Barabino. Infact We're from the same hood. What I think i should do is go around to the Gym (St. Bernard Center) and check them out as well just to see what they have to offer.

I need to Make some Changes in order to progress...
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