Saturday, April 05, 2008

and we're back

.. from a power outage, My last post online was at 4:04am so the power went out for a good hour and 3:30 Minutes in my area. I spent that time talking to my brother about the Ocean and some other things while looking at the Lightning in the sky, Looks great and spooky.. yep.. Well now its on and I must go and tend to slumber

But Before I go I must talk about the Impostor,

Yeah.. So I had an Impostor Come on Msport and on the Network.. This Fool Changed his pic and sent me messages on myspace after I found him out. yet he told us it wasnt him. LOL
The JJmal guy even has 2 names as well on the Network. and he replies to himself .. SMH..

one wants to be Airee, The Other wants to be Nancy, what a shame. LOL
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