Saturday, April 12, 2008

another cousin gets shot up, he survives

He's Currently in intensive care. My brother and cousins went to see him. yeah. this cousin is my family on both sides . Sounds weird? ..huh? on my moms side. my cousins dad is his dad they acknowledge him as a brother, which makes him my cousin. on my dads side. He's my Cousins moms son. therefore making him my Cousin

Either way we are cousins. we grew up together. last time i talked to him was at my sisters wedding. last year. he got kids and everything.. i wouldn't want to see him dead, he's been in that position before when he drowned and they brought him back from that.

it's wild man. things are so crazy now. I know this was some kinda fight going on.. other than that i have no knowledge of what went on.. he's a close yet distant relitive. you know .. like a first cousin that you just dont see often..

But hey.. Lets hope he gets well soon and Leave this place.

N.O's Going Crazy.. Great For Tourist .. Bad for Residents
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