Saturday, April 12, 2008

They found that fool Not Guilty

David Bonds is off the hook and its sad because the people who KNOW he did it acted as if they didn't see anything. its just sad

Bonds, a one-time foster child who was in jail on $2.5 million bond, was ordered released from the parish prison Thursday by Judge Jerome Winsberg, who in court Thursday had the final word on the trial.

"This is like Baghdad," Winsberg told the jury after reading their verdicts aloud. "It is appalling...It is shocking."

People shooting each other over neighborhood alliances, the veteran judge noted; children not only raising themselves, but being left to care for toddlers and babies in the 2200 block of Dumaine Street.

I Have a Feeling that Silence Is Violence is gonna have another Protest. .. all because of Witnesses .. wow man.. ..Whats up with our DA??... ahh man all these Killers getting off.. it seems as though Every time NOPD Steps up. the Tulane and Broad Fails us again!
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