Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shame.. The Beef

wow man, Finally there was a fight .. which i wasn't expecting or waiting for it. but today was the fight between two well known faces at SU's campus. apparently someone came online to spread the news about the Fight and hours later it was cleared up and put to rest.

and Those people on MS thought that i was showing favortisim to those girls .. which yeah i have my reasons .. but I was doing my Moderating / Administrating as i always do. You can't expect to have ALL freedom of speech on a public forum that has affiliations to HBCU bands. We are there to promote not to exploit and people tend to go overboard.

Which this time it was straight but eventually it would have gotten closed . People are just crazy about those girls. I know i have one.

but they are all good people. its just a lttle dispute in relation to 2 Bigger things that caught up with them at this particular moment. and well yeah.. Those things happen and thats life ya know..

I just hope they don't get put out of school for it.
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