Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Mike met Ben today

So today, Been calls me up to tell me that he's met my one of my best friends, in the church. and he was Wowed by it. Why? because he would have never guessed that Mike was from N.O, or that i'd know someone else from the area.

I think its great because Both are married , Both are Navy Vets, both are bandheads and Both are in to the Apostolic church .. in fact Ben met him in a fellowship. I believe Ben is a pastor on the church. Its wild because although they didn't know each other in New Orleans. Now they have that New Orleans Presence in the same church.

I had a feeling they'd someday meet. because they both are in San Diego, and have been there for more than 4 years now ya know. Thats great isn't it!. and well he asked me why didn't i mention Mike. yet i have and vica versa. they wouldn't have know each other anyway

But I think thats cool though man.

I attended AOC Apostolic Outreach Center. Mike Attended Philadelphia Apostolic Church. Ben is Pastoring at an Apostolic Church in San Diego Now. Those are of the Pentecostal Denomination.

its Wild how God can Bring Things To Light.

Ben.. Speachless almost
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