Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!.. You MOTHERS!!!

This Mothers day is the first I've spent without my Grandma... So its wild to see my mom and her aunts trying to put on a family affair. .. although they didnt, I think its great that they even attempted. A few years ago. we all had a mothers day thing for our 3 oldest siblings. My grandma and her surviving siters. her other siblings had died years ago. Now she's gone.. so that leaves my two great aunts and thats all.

well, as Kinfolks, We're a Close fam so our mothers, Aunts .. Basically the Woman of this family mean alot to us. They have made us who we are and basically was the reason we are the way we are so we respect them for Giving us Life.

My grandmother was a strong woman The only Time I saw her Cry was the day Grandpa Died. She loved that man!. and well now she's gone and we all know she's Alright! so No More Tears on her end or our end!

Maybe little but not alot.. Tears of Memory Tears of Joy .. but thats all.

Grandma Will be Forever Missed.

We Love You Grandma Viola .. The House Is Still Yours ..LOL!
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