Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yeah thats the worst title in history

I don't know what went on today but i had to be nosey, there was some kind of asian Thingy going on in my neghborhood earlier. the guy was singing from the mic om a loudspeaker and everything. I walked outside to the back of the house only to see people wearing robes and dresses and suits. So i thought.. maybe its a funeral... with weird chanting .. iono.. so I walked around to see what a sign posted said .. It was in their language. I wonder what was going om.. Here's a photo i snapped from earlier today

What could they be doing? .. having Church? Partying? Celebration od Culture? .. well hey thats good! .. i guess

lol I just converted my Ipod to NTFS because it nolonger works properly. I'll use it for storage or something now.

I tried to help my cousin do a powerpoint ..well notreally but yeah i helped enuff!

He couldnt Save ..LMAO
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