Friday, May 09, 2008

It Just Might happen!!!

By The Power of GREYSKULL!! lmao

Nah man!! ...... Really Though...

THE K may be RETURNING!!! The JFK Senior High Alumni Band may be returning for a Once in a lifetime event! With the word being spread daily It could happen! It would be a great thing to have due to the school being closed since 2005.

. My Former BD Contacted a Previous Director to Began working on a plan for a Return of the Cougar Band. With the people involved and the JFK Network being Strong! It can hand just might happen!.

I talked to Gerard of Marchingsport. he just may head there to record this even when scheduled. THAT would be a great thing to have on film. we also discussed some "What If" situations. Such as playing in an auditorium as concert performance or even as a special guest during a football game. That would be cool especially to have St Aug alumni vs Kennedy Alums!

I Really Hope this Could happen!
I'm All For it!

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