Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things That Suck

Yesterday Was My Nephews Birthday. I took my Cam over to the lil Party he had along with a few of my other new cousins. .. I also went to get some shoes.. I wen't back to the party to take some pictures.... then I went home and i recharged my batteries but seems like In between the time recharged my Cam batteries, The Cam's LCD malfunctioned.. Its not showing anything but a white Flickering screen.. What does that mean for me? I don't know. I rarely use the LCD though thats why i thought it was so odd.. Im Disapointed. because I was gonna head to the NOPS / Jefferson All star football game. But Between the Cam and my lack of a desire to even see the bands... I just couldn't do it.. I came back home man..

Other nan that. I'm Uploading Pictures That I took between yesterday and Now .. yeah yeah..
..Despite the Party.. Thats the Thing that sux.. I've only had the Cam for a year. and I really don't feel like getting a new one. lol I was just getting used to this thing.. I had my last cam from 2004 til 07 .. ya know .. and the LCD screen still works on that model.. WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE THIS GO WRONG.. i don't know man.. sux..

Other than that, Today I was on Broad street and I saw this sign.. I cant read it so i have no clue what it means .. click on it to blow it up

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