Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kickin' It with the fellas at Behrman Middle

I was @ Behrman Middle School today, Attempting to Teach "Transformer" Fanfare to the Tuba players. It was cool to be back on the horn. tomorrow or Thursday I'll be heading near the Roots of Music Program. I'm watching American Idol Now I may have to stop for the moment and write later. LOL..

I got a Few Pictures in. I'll be writing an article on the sport about Both Behrman and Roots of Music tomorrow. Inf act. i should do the Behrman article today. Separate from the Roots. I'll be at the MLK parade getting some footage in. I have to check back with Tremaine. I'll have that up before the night is over. lol

I'll go to sleep early today because I have to head to The Store tomorrow.. yeah yeah yeah...
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