Monday, January 12, 2009

familiar Territory | The Catholics want their churches and they want them now

Video: New Orleans police clear church protestors

For the past two years I have paid attention to this story, The Archdiocese has chosen to close of Beaucoup churches, and all the people who are in the church communities have been upset because they've grown up in these churches or have had decades of family in these churches. Sounds Familiar huh? .. This is similar to the situation with the projects. The Difference is that. nobody lives in the churches.

People have been getting Arrested for protest which led to church sit in's & "Break In Mass" so to speak. I think its funny in a way because many of the people involved were against the Housing Projects being saved. but now that The Parishioners want to relocate or rebuild They're having a Fit trying to save their churches, and are doing the Same thing that the people from the hoods did.

Which reminds me, Long after the Hoods were torn down you still had people protesting. I'm like Wow give up already They're going to build homes soon There's a time for everything and then their's a Time to chill...
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