Friday, January 23, 2009

last saturday was my first time really walking through the lower 9

and IMO certain parts are being neglected badly. I walked the route and I saw homes that need to be rebuilt. land that Used to be Homes. The kind of stuff that would make u cry. it's like a warzone man.

The Outskirts of these areas look pretty Normal. but it all looks like underdeveloped hoods on the small streets.

i was invited to MLK middle to sit in on theit band practice and maybe record some things for online usage. I There's something going on @ Behrman Middle I'll be over there for that in the morning,

So I lost my Big hair Pic, I found the little one after talking to chari about our future (lol) just kidding thats my buddy Yeah. I guess I'll be going.. to that Battle though.. LOL yeah..
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