Monday, January 12, 2009

The Moon Is Nice This Morning

I Looked outside at about 5:20 after letting the dogs in. and well It was so full and bright. This must mean that Aside from me going to sleep overnight. Today will be a great day for someone In New Orleans.

Not Wishing on a Moon, but it's just so Bright.

With that said, I guess I'll speak my mind on a few Situations.

Aight, Man Killed his Mother. SAD.. .. nobody knows why other than the fact that he was on drugs. and was bumming his mom for money. said to be Very Unlike him. and well it's really a unfortunate tragedy for the family.

There was the Grimes guy who was killed on New Years day by police officers. That whole situation is sad.. police are told to fire if they think their being fired at. and to fire many times .. all i can say is Wow.. On New Years night.......

Grimes was my grandfathers last name, meaning that the guy is most likely a distant relative. but i guess i'll never know for sure.

There are many things in the news these days that make me sick these days .. when it happens in New Orleans, It hurts more so. why? because there are people who Praise the fact that New Orleans is The most Murderous place in America. I hate when I see that on folks myspace pages. Why be proud of something that makes You look bad. for Me, at times I'd rather not claim This City. But I Can't help it. I love this place..

Speaking of that. I need to find somewhere where I can get an Embroided Shirt
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