Friday, January 23, 2009

The New Photo Blog is in The Works!

I have been thinking about doing this a few times last year even after the last photoblog had just kinda went dead after finding better hosting.

Well, this time I'm not using this blog as a photo host nor gallery. This photo blog is only going to be used to show off a FEW photos from events which may link to public albums .. well my Semi Public albums on facebook, myspace and

After Receiving Business Offers and things in witch I have turned down. I think This Blog will Help me on my Journey in to My Success in that Field. although It's a Hobby and the photos are Free. I sure wouldn't mind getting paid for it. I love to do it. The only slight problem I may have is being on assignment and reaching a Photo Quota. Why? because for me. it's more about the Quality and Not the Quantity.

Click Here to see the Blog

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