Friday, February 27, 2009

Access Granted

The Boy Found Access. Unfortunately I'm outside of my brothers Apparentment in what he says is a violent Neighborhood of Criminals .. I found this Access yesterday after making a Blank Trip to the Library. .. Yep It was Closed..

So I took a LONG walk From This set of apartments to a WaMu in Oak Forest. .. The sad part is that Im even more broke now than when I came Here. ..LOL or Shall i say. Less Broke ..LOL

Well After putting money in a bank to clear up some Negitives. I found that I need to be in The Positive to make sure everything is Clear and so that i can recieve an ATM. So. after adding 55 bucks to the Account. I decided that I'll just Keep the money I have so i can catch the bus home in a few weeks..

The Wild Thing About this is Transportation... Like. because of not having a Car. Riding Metro will be a must. what sux about that is that I wont be able to stick around after the events im attending are the same time my bus will stop running to the north side of town .. sux but true

LOL.. I'll Be Off Now.. I'm just letting yall know whatts up.. I'm still trying to get these pictures ready for them sites ya know!

Note From The Book

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