Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Book Is Leaving The N.O For The Moment

and i Heading to H-Town for the month. Why? Just to get away.

I had a great Mardi Gras & Parade Season All together. I got to hang with my Brother for the first time in a while ..I got to meet and Greet with my New Frats. as well as New new people. Even on Mardi Gras day I hung out with a La'Quisha's cousin and her boyfriend from who from Baton Rouge By Way of Kansas Without Her.

I Gave them a Mini Tour while in the car. After we parked on Esplanade We went on Orleans Ave where and Tonti to watch the parade hitting up The Bridge to watch Cap'n Charles and B.G. perform ... And while all the Fun and Random Activity they got to see at Mardi Gras.. They were Harrassed by a Drunken man who Hit all three of us. We had to Flee him away.

Oddly Enough. They assumed it would get Violent and after they left it did. which is a shame. A 17 and 19 year old I believe were Caught after shooting 7 people. After watching the News Tonight and seeing that over 11 shootings happened Near and around the Parade site I'm glad they left Early.

.. As you can see though.. What They Suspected Actually Took Place. I'm glad they got to enjoy themselves before it all went down.. Oddly enough They got Stuck on Claiborne Avenue for maybe an Hour or so ..

While on My way to my Grandmothers House I got a chance to talk to the guy who Did New Orleans Exposed DVD and He was Promoting Positivity basically ya know.. Yeah Man Yeah..

I took Photos that I may or may not be able to post next week Due to the fact that Im unsure what my Connection will look like ...

At this point The Book Is Signing Off.... Wait I don't End My Blog Entries That Way ..LOL

Note From The Book
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