Sunday, February 22, 2009

Although I left Endymion Early

I'm Very Happy that I got to See The People I was at TxSU with and My Frat Bro's and Sis. Even at Hermes I got a Chance to meet some good people. Even Mr. Herbert The Band Director at Texas College was out there. He probably was recruiting. but LOL it was cool because He's probably what you'd call a Legendary Band Director here in New Orleans because of the work he has put in with John McDonogh in the Mid 90's and what he's doing now just Tips the pot ya know!

I Think I need about 24 More Hours on my hands ..LOL
LOL Looks like Bee Jay wont be coming to Mardi Gras ever again. I guess she had a bad experiance.
.. IMO though. Too many people here want to be who they're not and I think its funny. I guess Mardi Gras is the Perfect Time for That Huh! ..LOL!
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