Sunday, February 22, 2009

I gotta do what I can

Lets see. I'll only have about 140.00 in Houston when I go. I only plan on using about $60.00 of those dollars. Problem is, I NEED to put atleast 200 In the Bank ..LOL so Im Searching for The Rest of that as wee speak. LOL I have money all over the place in my drawers, in my Clothes, In Jackets ..LOL

Why do I need to do this. I Payed my Phone Bill to keep it on. which I still owe $:80.00. I payed 100.00 Just Now which leaves me with a Debt to the Bank of about $80.00. If I put at least $130.00 I'd be good. I need some Bus fair while im out there though thats my thing .>LOL

Ahh man this sux .lol

Honestly, I'm going to Houston to get that Banl Info Straight and to see my buddies on the yard... which I probably don't see anyone I know. but still man I gotta do something.

I Just spent money on some things I plan on using when I get up there. so I should be well off the whole time. Other than that. I Can't Spend anything Between Now and Wednesday or I'm just out of Luck ya know.
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