Sunday, February 01, 2009

I Know Somebody's Gonna Knock me for this one but

I'm On Forum, where there's a Thread Called "Have you ever felt guilty about having sex?"

Here's The Initial Post..
I think most folks have a belief in God. I would even go out on a limb to say that most folks would say that God is good. If he is so good and faithful to you, does that cause you to feel any guilt about having premarital sex?

Well.. I Didn't read everyone Replies because many of them have basically gave Yes or No Answers.. Others Have Replied with Reasonable Responses.. Others Just Joking around in the post...
My Reply Beneath...

Please note that Back in those times of the bible there were no paper / Government Licensed Marriages Nor Formal Weddings.
lol ...

All it took Back Then was Faith, and The Bond of a Man and Woman to call it a Marriage.. .. It's Why We Refer to Long Relationships as being Married By Common Law ..

but Due to American Morals, .Government Laws does not consider a Common Bond as Legal Marriage. So It makes Sex outside of Licensed Marriage just seem Wrong..

and then their is this..
Hebrews 13:4
Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept [b]pure,[/b] for[i] God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.[/i]

with that said ..
IMO If You've been
Sexin' the person In A Relationship with, it's not adultery Unless you are Cheating Or Just sexin' everybody you meet ..

.. To Add to this a
lil bit... If you have sex with with a Person (whether ur in a relationship or not) and then have sex with a close friend of sibling of theirs.. that's Abomination to god

Leviticus 18 goes on and on and on about that..
i Think its where God was talking to Moses by the burning bush ..

That is My Outlook,. Now when I log on to this site later I know somebody is gonna go off on me for Mentioning the Morals. Or try to Question If I'm a Virgin or not .. But IMO That is Inferior to the Subject at hand.. Yes I'm A Virgin, I have never had Intercourse and I'm Proud of it. It Does Not Mean that I haven't Experienced Foreplay.. In fact I was The one to entice Foreplay Situation .... I'm also Glad that that Things Happened the way they because then I wouldn't Be a Virgin Today..

With That Said....
To Me...It Is The Foreplay is makes the Sex Worth while anyway. . Without it The Situation would be less meaningful and probably Boring Why? because it's that spur of the moment level of Physical affection that allows The intercourse to be considered "Love Making".

Anyone can Bump And Grind Without being physically attracted to their sexual partner. .. But Without The True Bond Between Those Involved It's Pointless fornication..

Which Brings Me Back to The Original Subject and The Reason I feel that Sex Without The True Bond Is Morally wrong. As I mentioned, The Bible says that Marriage should be Kept Pure... My interpretation of it was that of a Common Law Marriage in witch the person does not have other significant others. taking part in any sexual intercourse beyond that Situation Is Adultery...

For Me.. Yeah I was Tempted, and Temptation in that manner is a sin. but the total seduction and her mention of the whole sex and our attraction seemed to tip the whole situation off...
and even then understanding the Bible and it's principles, I would have Done It anyway. just to take advantage of the situation and also because of things i have been through. such Getting Teased about being a virgin
sux. and to have that as proof would have seemed worth it.. at the same time I Know that Sex does not Make Me A Man. Nor should my Virginity be topic of ones discussion to ridicule or belittle me..

In The Bible It Says "And Lead us Not into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil"

A temptation is an enticement to do wrong through a promise of pleasure, ease or advantage.

According to That, My Situation was an Adam & Eve Experience. Why? Because Adam was Tempted and he Fell for it, Then He and her were punished in many ways. How.. Well Not Only were they Thrown out of The Garden. But Cain Killing Abel was a prime Example of Adam and Eve's Punishment.

My Point.. You Reap What You Sow and at the End of the day, Fornication and Adultery would likely get you Caught up In Situations that you May not Like In The Long Run.. Such as, STD's or Having to pay Child Support for a child that you may or may not know about.

So with Me Not Taking Part in the Intercourse was a Deliverance from Evil ..
Even Knowing That, Does Not mean that i wont be ever be tempted again..
But Realizing The Outcome before hand helps make that choice as it concerns the end result..

Everything Begins with a choice . .Every choice has a consequence .. Either Do or You Don't ..In The End, .Either way Theirs a Price To Pay. ..

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