Monday, February 09, 2009

The Safest place for Mardi Gras

I think its time The Cricket Club Pull That Advertisement off TV, That Shooting just Ruined the whole Ad. .. Although they were talking about Safest area to hold an event or even watch the parade from inside a building overhead ... It's Not really that great if you're Really into the Bands and the whole " All In The Action" feeling you get when you're on the Grounds..

Oddly Enough. one of the Safest spots Along The Parade Route for Parades is on St Charles and Jackson All the way down to Canal Street... LOL at least In My Opinion. Why is that you ask? . Well Because thats where all the people are. usually there is a Section Under "the Bridge" where former Band Members and High School bandsmen Hang to wait to hear the bands. And All Around them are the Good People who want to Hang out as well. Although its Crowded. lol It's probably Safer Because There is more Light along that stretch other than canal street ..

And as far as Canal goes.. Although you have the Light .. you dont Have a real sense of safety. even with all the police on horseback. The Crowd is moving from here to there, The people are hanging out along Bourbon and canal. Thats lots of Police ... so on and so fourth. My thing is .. if you're going to stand on Canal. Be Toward Entry way or the Departure way, Here's why...

The Bands Entry way.. is where the band Turns on to Canal and they ALL play at that moment.

Same as The Departure. The Band plays when they leave canal. but There are less people and Open Space

I'm No French Quarter Person..LOL i dont feel "Right" Out there

For Me.. yeah.. I'll Be ON ROUTE!
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