Monday, February 09, 2009

Looks like New Orleans Took Home 7 Grammy's

I enjoyed the Grammy many of the groups I like were awarded. When I started watching it was On time for Jennifer Hudson's performance. Very emotional tune. She broke out in tears at the end. Really Before the end .. everything she and her family has been through. and it's wild because yesterday wasn't the biggest event she's done already this year. but it was the first one she got emotional on.

At the End of the Night N.O Took Home 7 Grammy's

Beausoleil 1 mrgreen
Dr. John 1 mrgreen
Terrence Blanchard 1 mrgreen
Lil Wayne 4 mrgreen

Although I don't know Much About Beausoleil, I know The Others.. Speaking of that. Lil Waynes Performance was GOOD. I think he could have gotten a Real Buck Jump Squad to do the Buck Jumpin' ..LOL But hey Allen Toussaint, Terrence Blanchard and The Dirty Dozen took the cake for me. Toussaint playin' "Big Chief" made me Jump up!! Terrence Blanchard being part of that just made it much better! yep.

I mean I enjoyed Other Performances as well but THAT junk took the Cake for me!

Sorta shows where New Orleans Stands In Music. I just wish N.O could be "Live" as far as the Recording industry goes ..
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