Thursday, February 05, 2009

Was I Wrong? Probably so. Although I don't feel that way..

Aight Here's the Situation.. Battle Happens Last month.. I see Photo Uploads this month. So I see the uploads on Facebook, as I respond to them. I sometimes Take the time to share with the Folks on The Sport.

So .. Earlier today I created a thread The Site as it Relates to that Battle. All in Fun. People responded. No hating no nothing. At about 11:38 I received a Message from a the girl who owned the pictures asking if I could take them off.. Although I didn't respond to That message. I went on to Read and Delete The Thread. Before deleting I read on of the 2 Rant comments about being Childish for posting the Pictures. and Blah Blah Blah from another..

At the End of the day They don't understand Smack so THAT junk didn't matter to me...

So After That, I checked my email, there it was,

Basically She Asked Why I Tried Smack on their band with Her Pictures, and Is that why I added her as a friend on Facebook....

So I reponded with these words...
Hey, Actually No I wasn't trying to play yall, I planned on doing it to the other bands as well, I even mentioned it in the thread. No it wasn't my purpose.for adding you or anything. I been connected to you since i got facebook really. as for the pics, when i see fresh band pics I tend to look at the albums and respond to them both there and even post them on the forums. especially if I know people are going to respond to them in a crazy way. I Didn't think it would make anybody mad though as i saw before the thread was deleted. With that said... I Apologize if you feel like i violated you or anything in that manner though.

Now.. Yeah It is Somewhat of an Invasion of Privacy as far as the Facebook Friend to friend limits are concerned. but at the same time. When a person takes something and posts it on the net. they HAVE to expect it to be seen or re posted by a 3rd party. In the thread I mentioned why share this on facebook when You can share this with the Band World? . I mean If your band is captured on photo doing something they're not supposed to be doing. it's going to get talked about eventually.

At the same time. I know that somebody informed her of my posting. I don't mind her confronting me about it. That was a reasonable thing to do. But at the same time. The others who came on the site blasting ME saying and that that I was wrong for Taking her pics to use against I am Childish and a Perv.... They Just don't understand the whole reason that smack exist and rivalries are even what they are. IMO I think its cool.. And it's not that serious. It's not like I'm sniping thru emails.. I took the pictures off of a SOCIAL NETWORK that has nothing to do with band. to Re-post on a Band Site's forum in. ...both are for the PUBLIC to see.

At the same time. If anyone currently The Boom feels that I'm Wrong.. I blame them for laying on the floor disrespecting Their Band Uniforms. Your Band Deserves to be Smacked. It's not "Exposing" if They did it to themselves.

at the same time .. as i said.. Why Post it on Facebook When You Can post this on a site in support of Your band? Facebook aint a band site..LOL im just sayin' In All Realness. I Love Them Just As Much as Any other. They just don't seem to have a sense of Humor when it comes Smack...

As much as They told me to Get a life ... they need a sense of Humor..

Here's The Pictures

... Did I expose them? No... But They DO know they ain't supposed to do that In NEW suits... Therefore I didn't... And It's Not my Fault..

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