Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disrespect Me and I will Thrash You!

Just Playin' ...

But LOL. I asked this guy to please opt me out of his emails, I was receiving messeges from one of those black sites on ning that I never registered to. so I sent a messege to him after several attempts at trying to block/opt out of the site.

He sent me a Long message back saying This...

Subject: You Should Learn To Read

I'm sending you this email this way rather than the foolish method you chose to respond. When you hjoin a social network, you should learn how it works so you don't end up asking silly questions. Because of your ignorance, all 919 of my "friends" throughout the Ning network of networks know your personal email address. Not to mention your profile name doesn't show in your response, so I can't delete you from my "friend" list. What you should have done is read the link at the bottom of the invite that reads: To Control The Emails You Receive From "Whatevernetworkhere", Click Here. The link would then take you to a page where you can choose to : Block Sender or Stop Receiving Emails. The reason you're getting my emails despite not being a member of my network is because you added me or I you. When you post anything on Ning, you have the option of sharing your post weith: friends on that network, friends throughout the entire Ning network, your personal email contacts, or all of the above. You can also change what emails you receive (if any) by going to your SETTINGS link on the top, right side of the page. It seems like Black folks truly are computer and web 2.o illiterate. I am in the process of building a site just for us so that we can learn these things. I'm also creating a special section for Black Ning Users and Network Creators. I'll let you know when I'm done.

At This Point I felt Disrespected, So Here was the message I sent him.

Brother you have taken my simple request out of context.

After Receiving Loads of your emails. I tried Opting out and blocking the sender may times in the past week. it didn't work. this is why i sent the messege to you personally. with you being the administrator of the website I expected you to assist me in this.
Unfortunately I'm not one of the Illiterate ones like you assume I am. I didn't come to you to be Belittled or ridiculed. Don't appreciate being Disrespected. If you know who I was you would not be sending me an email in this manner. I Believe you added me to your friends list on the FTP Movement website. I left that network last month. not because of spam. but because I rarely went to the website. make any sense to you?

I run a Few Ning networks. Members of those sites only recieve messages of the particular site they registered.

My Point is this did not join your website, Therefore I do not expect to receive mail from your website.

How do you expect me to Opt out / Block Your Messages if I Tried those methods and it Did not work?

That is all I ask of you.

With that said... Sending Them to my spam folder would be a last resort. but I'd still be receiving your mails. That would only be redirecting the path of the email itself. I want to stop receiving them for good. Basically..

After that he sent a letter of Apology as well as letting me know what was up with the way Those Options work.. Which is All I wanted out of him in the beginning.

He stated that he always gets those kinds of messeges. But that doesnt give him the right to disrespect the site users for asking for help.

I honestly I feel that If you can't gove a person the proper assistance on your site, you should not be an administrator of one.

I don't know who Plucked His Chicken, But doesnt give him the right to disrespect the next man..

That is ONE of the things i hate about these Wanna Be Political Black Militant Brothers, They're Quick to Preach Black Power when It comes to Race Relations , Yet have they no Respect for their own people when we Need Their Assistance.

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