Monday, March 02, 2009

Great day Yesterday!

I went to Lakewood Church for the first time. There are many things. I passed by The Yard to and I saw my Crab Brothers and Sisters. I even met some more folks today. I sorta miss the Environment LOL but hey man It’s all good, I get to tape some band events there which is a good thing. I’ll also be doing a Motion Promotion .LOL Those are my Peoples!! I got to see Jermani, Chloe, Brittany and Quinsene’a. Krystle Didn’t speak but it’s all good. LOL I think I saw a Familiar face but I couldn’t quite get a name..LOL

I’m Excited about Tomorrow I will be N D HOUSE!!

Man I got Things to DO!!

Msport be IN da Building!

Yeah That’s Me!! .. wow man.. the KKPsi Guys were there I’ll yeah buddy its time!!

Call Me Mr. Motion Picture Because I’m All Access Right Now!!
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