Monday, March 02, 2009

There’s got to be a Connection

Honestly, today (well yesterday) We crossed paths and I strongly believe that there’s somewhat of a connection there. I mean man, Although the girl is cool with everybody just the same. Just that moment was enough IMO to say that a different kind of connection was made. Although it was a Quick grab of the arm & Hand. It was the look in the eye contact, her facial expression and the release of the hands as we walked away from each other that did it for me at least.

I don’t expect her to have gotten anything out of it. But I know she knows how I feel about her. I don’t even have to tell her that. For me, it took me to think about that when I was in the car with my brother when I thought about that moment just feeling unusual.

If she was single I’d be happy if something could spark between us. But I also don’t believe It could happen anytime soon as afar as Natural attractions go. Because honestly although she’s a very attractive woman. I really couldn’t see myself with her on that level.
She’s a Great Friend. And my “Hunnie”. But wow man. There’s just something about her that I like. Maybe it’s because of what she does. Maybe it’s because of our friendship that does it. But I Know that we have something. I guess I’d say that The Connection we have and what I felt was just a spur of emotion created by mutual respect for each other.

She is the reason I came here so that’s probably why I felt that way. Sometimes I read her status messages on gtalk and sometimes I wonder what she means. Other times they’re song lyrics. Other times its just her being multifaceted. Like we spoke on the phone a few times and she spoke of her in the light or in darkness and the separation of the Two. As Darkness is her true self & real feeling. While In the Light she’s basically a shell of who she really is behind closed doors. As if she’s hiding or putting or have to be this other person In the Light to appear as a happy-go-lucky kind of Girl. When its really not like that In Home With that said. I don’t want to throw God in her face. But what she needs to understand from that is. What is In the dark shall eventually come into light. Or at least her who she is In her real life needs to come in to the Light and let It show. Although her true self seeps through. It only provides a temporary comfort. Hopefully she will be able to put aside some of the things she’s been holding on to for so long and realize that letting go of some of it can be a true blessing unto her.

With that said. Lol yeah I just went off the Deep end.

LOL At the end of the day.. She Knows and I know that There’s something there.. what.. IONO.. but I think it could happen..
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