Monday, March 09, 2009

Im getting ready to head out man

as long as these video are uploading I wont be able to head out. LOL but hey

Here's something I just feel like bloging about

.. I'll Make it look "Listed" just because...

  • I talked to old boy at Texas College and we discussed the Incorperation of N Phi O and basically making it Legit Rather than Underground.
  • From There It would become a 501(c)3 organization.
  • All he wanted to do was have his letters Acknowledged on Texas College Campus. In order to do that he must inform the school that the org is on campus. In the process we will be brainstorming and getting the funds together to become Incorperated.
  • Although we have no official HQ. once we're legit. we should be able to Presume what we do as a True Organization. Especially after being an Underground Org for so long.. It's about that time!.
LOL Enough of that listing. I guess this is my last week in Houston. i think i want to attend Jerimi's party but I cant/ its too late. I'd end up sleeping over. lol

its a shame though. I just want to head by the band hall one last time before i get on out of here.

2 Successes 1 uploading Another Queued Yep!!

.. i'll have something up before friday!.
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