Monday, March 09, 2009

I hope this doesn't go out on me

I'm in the Process of uploading clips to youtube and the sucky part about all of this is that my PC got overheated after an upload earlier. I know why though.

now.. Here's the sucky part ...

Last Thursday after attending those tryouts. I heard That Fitgerald was shot and is paralyzed. from what i got it could have been over Drugs. but thats his business. Fitgerald is a well known fellow as Drum Major of SU's band for the past 2 years. so it sux to have someone with that great of an honor to hold. be in the situation he's in now. He's got 2 daugters he has to take care of and i know he's gonna need help with that. somebody started up a group on facebook in support of him.  that good.. sad to know though..
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