Thursday, March 26, 2009

See what Im sayin

when I was gone, I left 4 rechargeble batteries in my room drawer.. THEY ARE GONE.

Please note. I took My Charger with ME to Houston with only 1 set of batteries for my cam.. I had the other set in my drawer just in case i need them THEY ARE GONE..

They were most likely taken while i was not here.... The sad part. is They have 4 The Same Batteries as i have their xbox controllers .. Now with that said .. THEY DONT NEED BATTERIES FOR ANYTHING ELSE They can Recharge their own batteries

but they have a habit of Taking Batteries and throwing them away once they go out... I told them to CHARGE their batteries

I know that They took them But my brother just lied to me about not taking them.. when my Nephew Slept in my Room and Peed in MY BED when I was Away.. I TOLD THEM NOT TO GO IN MY ROOM.. Unfortunately the door does not Lock..

See Bruh. I'm always gettin Messed over in this house ..
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