Saturday, March 07, 2009

So I Missed it

I was supposed to attend a morning concert band clinicbut things didnt work out on my end. After waking up at 2am and staying up til 4. I missed the whole thing which began at 8. i woke up at 8 so I decided not to go. from there I completed editing the photos I took. and uploading one or two Videos online. I can't wait to get home so i can upload many more clips. I should have put these on DVD and sent it to Prof Lee. but i can do that some other time.

it seems as though everyone enjoyed themselves over the week. I sure did. Yesterday was a day of rest for me. But lol i'm good. I still dont understand why That girl just gives people the shaft.. I'll tell ya about it in 5..4...3..2..1..

Aight, In 2006, Kris our only Female Drum Major just seemed to have this stuck up attitude. yet she seems to act like that with Everybody. I just dont get it though. Her Sorors were all there and she didnt speak to them either. I don't mean to sound rude or Offend anyone when I say this. but I think she's gay. she had some girl sitting with her, hugging her and everything. maybe its normal with her. but that just didnt seem Straight to me. That ain't my problem though.. Here's where i'm goin with this...

I Saw her the other day when I walked on Campus We were walking the same way. I saw her turn the corner but she put her head down while walking foward, not paying Attention to me at all. as for me I would have said Hi to her but she didn't bother to speak when i Know she saw me..

Same as at the Tryouts.. I stood in the Isle Right Next to her. She looked my way. I said "Hi Kristian" and she Turned her head away as if she didn't see nor hear me.. At the same time. During Auditions there was a situation where a heavyset girl had group auditions. She found all the Room to Laugh when the girl tried out. I even herd her on Singles . Laughing and Calling names to make Jokes. How Rude.. The Cold part about it is that the Girl was real good at what she does. maybe she's not in shape but she had the whole crowd on her side by the end of it.

With that said.. It's like With Kris, She has done a lot to get her Ranks up as far as schooling. and getting Greek Letters and all . But I find that she's very rude especially that she uses her status to belittle people... and to say this in ghetto terminology ... A Stank Attitude will get you NOWHERE.

I'm not trying to make her Like me as a friend or anything. But atleast be friendly when I speak to you in public. I notice she's never accepted my Friends Request on facebook either. I just dont get it. We were in the Same Band. You'd think that she'd be happy to know that somebody wants to stay connected to her.

But like i said. she's like that with everyone.

Sux right..

I'm Out!..

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