Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Break Up Text


So I was with my boy Charles this weekend, and this fool got a Break up text from one of his baby mama's ... and the funny thing is, after he read the text The song "All by myself" came on from someone elses vehicle and we Laughed so hard that the folks in the other cars Laughed Then He asked me "What's a good reason to break up with someone"...

I was like I don't know . LOL i mean shew man I never had to break up with a Baby's mama ..LOL! .. He said that he still has feeling for his Ex.. and he's taking care of his kids and its not allowing him to spend time with his GF.. so he was looking for a Legit way of parting ways ...

I didnt know what to tell him because I had never been in that kind of situation.. So He asked me to come up with something.. I told him that when I do, I'm gonna write it on Facebook to see what Folks will say..

So I wrote This in my

I see ya callin' me, & ya know i don't respond. You're Only A Distraction ,I don't need You on my Mind. The Best that I could do Is get away from you. in this stressful situation, to prevent an altercation, i send yo this last text as process of elimination.
I didn't get any response . other than a friend of mine sending me a messege on facebook I told her what it was about . I took it off for now i'll put it there again later just to be silly..

LOL sounds like I something I'd really tell someone in a TEXT .. lol Boy Oh Boy.. Technology is so simple. it's very easy get disconnected to someone now ..LOL!
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