Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Incorporation has come

So for the past 3 months of paper work, My Frat. N Phi O is Now Officially Incorporated. I informed some Oldheads about this and they were proud of it. since 1993 the org has been Underground. Now its time to officially rise above and allow the Nation to see that we Exist.

It's been a long time coming .. I talked to my boy Caine about it. Because he's the one that put in the work to get it done. With that said I think its time for us to have a Wiki page . and to also have our website done and Official. Things will change for the better now that We have allowed it to become a Registerd Non Profit organization now registered the letters "Nu Phi Omicron"as well. which makes it Best for our on campus Issues.

As an official member and Public Relations Chairman of the org. I will see to it that we become an active entity, working with the kids of N.O to help them become better bandsmen. Why? so that they can get Out of the city and someday become N Phi O as well.

Im happy about the Incorperaton. Now we can Get to doing things are areal org and not just a bunch of cats with False letters. Because WE OWN THIS! .lol
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