Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Keeping the people Informed.

So, After Scanning my own PC's I found that I actually don't need any extra protection. Although I've always kept my pc's safe, I took the OneCare Scan because its Windows and it also helped me to know How SAFE my pc's are. I have been keeping the people informed by telling them where they can find some OK softwares to download.

On Our Main PC, which is a Windows Vista; I did the OneCare scan. at the same time it opened the Diagnostics software on the PC for Check Ups. I had 2 minor problems but they were fixed automatically. with the onecare scan. Othe that that, The Software on my pc is great. there was no need for me to download the OneCare Program on It.. I also downloaded the Sophos which seems to be Great and it probably works at its best in safe mode. I already had AVG anti Virus which is a great free program. Along with My CCleaner which cleans the registery and temp files. The PC didnt need a defrag at all because it auto defrags on its own. so basically there was no need for a tune up on it!

That PC is also Connected to my main the router which is Secure. The onecare system aslo recognized it as a secure connection and firewall for my Network

On My Laptop, I did the scan, It found 14 minor threats 3 were unable to be fixed. those files are included in a Theme pack which must get rid of manually. I purposely downloaded the OneCare program on it for better security. and to see how it works. and its actually a Great program for the Windows XP OS. It acts as an improved firewall for the XP as well.
Now as for the tuneup part. it Helped. But my Because I optimize my own. it just Added to what I already have on here To Keep it up.. After the 90 day trial I may wind up having to go back to AVG on this one.

On my Desktop There were No Errors after the Cans which was great. its the least used pc because some things are slow. But after the Free OneCare scan. it has neemed to be moving faster almost like new. I rarely use that PC though, other than for listening to online streaming radio, and with the Anti Virus and other optimization softaware on It. there was no Need for anything else.

After Checking out all the systems performance levels. I decided to update the browsers to IE8, aswell as to check for other updates. although I usually Do these things. Between yesterday and today was basically a Great time to make sure that Everything is safe and Secure. and well I'm good.

The OneCare Scan does Exactly what It says. but since I actually keep up with my own Virus Scaning and PC Cleaning and Optimization. It Assured me that what I am doing is Just enough to Keep All My PC's Safe.

Here are The programs I Tend To Use Normally for Optimization & Protection: (Most mainly on my Weaker System)
Uniblue Proccess Scanner : Although you can see Running Tasks in your taskmanager. this gives you a detailed analysis of what proccesses are running and maybe slowing your PC's performance level. within the detailed ist. there will be a link saying "how to fix this" .. There is NO NEED for that If you have a Registry Cleaner. Here are Two I recommend below.

CCleaner : I have been using this program because its GREAT. It cleans your Registry, Temporary files and Now even Wipes yor free space. You could also use it to uninstall programs or deactivate programs that begin at your PC's start up. It does Wonders for those who never really clean their systems.
Abexo Free Registry cleaner: I dont use it All the time. but it does a bit of a deep registry scan Not a bad program. just Old.. but its free.
AVG (Free Edition) Anti-Virus . As I mentioned In the The "Skynet" entry (LOL)
Be sure to Go to The Settings area to Edit Options for Automatic Threat Removal. it works pretty well.

Malwarebytes: This program is gets rid of Malicious Software. it takes a while to scan As most canners do. and it also freezes at times. but Let It Run all the way and it will Take way what it finds any form of spyware in.

Smart Defrag - If you're on a Windows XP. this is THE BEST defrag your PC could have. The others do similar work. but not automatically and. This defrag has its own way of Deeply optimizing your PC at any time you schedule it to do so. After it finnishes is the best time to use Abexo ..LOL

Fileshredder: If you would like to Get Rid of things The Right way. you can Shred them. it will also show up in your right Click menu.

Now although I dont Use This Much,,..
Windows Defender is pretty decent. especially for firewall /proccess start up management and Spyware Removal tool.

With all that Diwnloading though HERE's Where The Real Work Begins

Malicious Software Removal
Well, Actually if your PC is Up to Par You could actually only have to go to your Command Prompr by typing CMD in the search box. (or in the Run Box on XP) Which is located in the Start menu In The command prompt type in MRT and press Enter. From ther Microsofts Malware Removal Tool will pop up. At this point its your choice to do the Quick or Deep Scan.

Check For & Fix Disk Errors
As I Mentioned above. You have to do this from Your Command Prompt. Type in CHKDSK. From there it will begin to Check for errors. once Done. it would then be a great time to clean your registry. Also. for things it cant Fix. you may have to do this scan in Safemode. That would mean Pressing F8 at system start. Clicking "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". You Machine Must Remain Stable!

Clean Up & Defrag Your PC
Windows has its own Disk Defragmenter. The Version on XP is not as Great as that on a Windows Vista. But they both do the same thing. The Difference is that Vistas has a Scheduler which is great. to get to The Defragmenter on XP Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> >> System Tools: Disk Defragmenter.
You can also Get to you Disk Cleanup program in the System Tools Folder. It only diesnt get rid of as much as the CCleaner would. but its For and By windows.

In Vista shoud be in the System Tools Folder, as well. (im not sure i rarely use the vista because its not my personal pc)

Lastly The Best Thing You PC Users could do is to make sure

  • your System is up to date, Microsoft Windows Update
  • Have Your Firewall ON at All Times
  • Make sure Your Browsers and Anti-Virus / Spyware Subsriptions are up to date
  • Avoid Using P2P Services like LIMEWIRE, and BEARSHARE.Because It all Makes your PC VULNERABLE TO EVERYTHING!

Lastly, Please Browse Safely!

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