Friday, May 29, 2009

Hurricane Season Starts Next Week

Am I Prepared, NO!!! .. All I need is a good Duffel bag and some CHANGE! wow man.. it's wild.. yeah I'm prepping for the season by Upping my Awareness. I don't wanna settle for a near Holocaust-like environment of Hurricane Times..

I don't agree with Boarding Buses or Trains to head to FEMA Camps. why? because after thinking about the kind of things we went through as it related to Security and General Life at that Astrodome... It was CRAZY! .. Although I was free To Roam.. sometimes you couldn't tell day from night and other than that The Medical Surveyers seemed crazy I talked to Qui about that one today .. although Help is always Needed. some things I just don't want to be forced to do.. Like recieve a Vaccination. Infact I don't think i took that "Shot" they were giving people

shew man..I dont believe in The whole Ambush and force you out of your home thing.. I'd rather leave and survive on my own. They're getting them Trains Ready to ship people off to Nowhere USA!.. I ain't doing it
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