Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuff nobody will care about

Okay, Yeah. I think its wild, I talked to Qui Last night and Haven;t been to sleep sense. I guess I'll fall asleep soon and sleep all day .. We had a nice talk about a serious issue Involving a few serious matters ..that's all i'm gonna say to that. She's a great friend of mind and I appreciate her! Yep! "Ya Know!"

I ran across a website called Work Nola while looking for a T Shirt Designing and Embroidery place. I found a Designer, Not an embroider.. BUT! .. I found a few links which interested me. I also Decided to register for the site because I thought it would be of help.. Why.. because It was MORE DIRECT .. well yeah,, "Work Nola" .. Simple Site.. Easy to use. I'll sign up for AmeriCorps Again because of it! Yes They're LOOKING!

I Have a strong feeling that this will work for me this time around.

Other than that..I'm looking at the Myspace profile of an old friend of mine, Since her mother died she's seemed to let herself go. it's like Wow.. She doesn't look Bad, but she just doesn't look Good.. she seems like she's kinda Out There Now.. it's sort of a turn off. I prefer the Light to No Make up look. .. It's like Man' what happened...
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