Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In light of all that is doomed

There's nothing....

Raw was Okay today. I'm not in to the whole basketball thing. i'm not really a sports fan. I actually was on Facebook all day messing with them females.. oh yes and i could name one who's cute. but she slim..LOL which aint NOTHIN but u know ..lol. But we were having a whole convo as it related to Pillsbury and Bounce Music ..LOL that was funny.

Other than that i talked to Qui for some time.. Earlier at like 10/11 I taled about some issues with my frat with John and Roy. .. man john told me some stuff that i sorta already Knew .. but yeah! .. I realized some stuff. that mattered but hey its all for the welbeing of our org.

I also discussed some issues with a buddy of mine. she ended up cussing someone out in the midst of it ..LOL but hey. sometimes it "Be'z" like that ..LOL! yeah yeah ..

Wow man, some stuff!
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