Monday, May 25, 2009

Thinking @ Noon

Truth is, Now that i see what terms people have searched my blog for, it makes me want to make certain pages private. LOL. but oh well man. once written The thoughts are final. i have no problem with that. I write about alot of things. Family Issues, My Life and Times, People I've met over these years. and so on. but recently I think My traffic has been driven due to people Searching for people by full name. at that point is where I draw the line now.

Just as people use Twitter now, I have been using my Blog to express myself whether it be a Long Entry or small talk. I just feel that If i need to let things out. It needs to be let out in some form. To break away from talking about my situations with others. I write them down. Yes its published online. but oh well. I love what I do and I love myself. If you find something you don't like. it's probably because I felt that way at the moment.

For enstance I have said things about people and their Lifestyles in this blog. to the point where you could search my Username and you could find things on me that will make u question who I am. Yet their is no question to who I am. because at the end of the day, I am Who I am.

Lots of things have changed about me over the years. as i read this blog myself I see that transition in the way i've posted and generally the way I am as a whole as far as becoming the Man I am now. My thing is, I try not to say negitive things about people, especially the ones I love. because I wouldnt want to see myself on the recieving end of a situation where I search my name and someone is dogging me out ya know.

I think it's wild. Blogging is what i love to do. It helps me release some things. I apprecate my readers. I just think they should SAY SOMETHING from time to time, ya know. LOL

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