Monday, May 25, 2009

a little insite of my own | The SU Hazing situation

Okay, I saw that Issiah Carey had one of the most recent Follow up articles about the SU Hazing case posted on his blog

So being a bandsmen familiar with these brothers, I decided to comment on it. Why? because in a way I feel that it all needs to be over with and those boys should remain free.

Although I'm Not an SU student. I Know All These Guy's Due to Common Marching band Connections both Online and Offline. and These guys are not bad people. they just all got caught up in the moment of what they were doing without thinking of the consequences.

They all went through the same thing their first year. It's just that THEY were Caught. which looks bad on SU's band. but it doesn't tarnish their reputation.

In the Band World. we all adhere to the general and oh so common. Yet UNWRITTEN rules of band.

It's Not a Cakewalk. but at the same time the line has to be drawn where Lives are threatened.

The SU Marching Band Performed A Recent Stop The Violence Rally with only Three members of its mellophone (French Horn) Section.

The Rally was due to an Increased Level of Violent Acts among students Occurring with Students Both on and off campus.

Aside from the Hazing Situation. SU's Drum Major was Shot and Paralyzed this spring. it was the primary reason for the Rally itself. The shooting had nothing to do with the school itself. It was just an Unfortunate situation while the brother was doing his Job.

They All Plead Guilty to Lighten those Charges. I honestly would rather see them All Free. because even the guys who were the victims don't want to see these guys go out in that fashion.
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