Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Should i Twitter?

Well, I've been thinking about getting one and linking it to my side bar. i don't know.. I prefer blogging. its just that too many people i know are on Twitter and are sending me CRAZY amounts of invites.

the only thing i hate is the character levels and the fact that its like an incomplete thought ... Oh!. I saw a PRIVATE TWITTERER.. the girl had "Follow me on Twitter" in her facebook.. I clicked on the page and it said "this user chose to make her tweets private .. Only followers can see her tweets .. .. Yet the page itselfs is accessible.. u can see her huge pic in the background as well as her followers .. thts kind of a dumb setting..

I hate the fact that many of twitters current users are the same people who knocked facebook for publishing status updates.. now .. basically twitter is the same as updating ur facebook status, just without all the features of FB..

Those same Users dont even know what Microbloging is.. .. I could have gotten a Twitter 3 years ago. but I saw NO POINT in Microbloging..

Besides .. If i wanted to Express my thoughts in Twitter .. all that would fit in the box is..LOL well NOT MUCH!..
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