Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I'm looking at is

I Wondeer If I install the bluetooth software on this thing, would it work?? lol IONO! but when i first got this thing, it had bluetooth installed, I didnt use it back then though

Ahh man, Back to my life.. So after all the Mayhem today. My nephew figured he could tell on me.. They I Hit'em he needed it. So I Told His momma what he did. HA! he gets slapped. WHY? because he gets smart and thinks it okay to do so... Nah Bruh . i'm YOUR uncle..

See, thats the thing.. They act like they can tell me what to do. I'm Drove. .. here's what it is. Everyday I tell them dudes to clean up after themselves. My nephew has a problem with that. so Idecided ask to do some things.. he never did. Eventually I asked him about Missing Batteries which i know he took.. So he lied to me.. I hit him.. he hit me back .. Note: This dude is 10 years old .. I tried to get him and my brother to be quiet but they kept talking .. smh

I left him alone because he told me "Thats Why Jaime is better than you" .. I felt played and walked out of the room ... at the end of the day. The house is still funky for what They did..

They dont understand that My mom get on me for that.. because apparently Im obligated to do all the chores. yet i have a 15 year old brother that acts like an autistic child when it comes Doing Things . SMH.. nahh wait.. my bad .. anyway ... Yeah. He just doesnt do anything.. Yet He had a nerve to tell ME to do the dishes today?.. DUDE U NEVER DO THEM.. smh.

Anyway.. at the end of the day. my hand is hurting.. my nephew told his momma that He got smart with me. My daddy got on him.. Oh and because of him, the dogs pee'd in her bed. .. she aint mad yet, but she will be when she finds out Why the dogs were in her room..

ahhh man.. I have a headache because I feel disrespected.
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