Thursday, May 21, 2009

yeah man

I gotta do something or else im gonna get it man.. this sux i just know its gonna fall on me. but it aint my fault .. she gon' be drove.

somehow my brother mysteriously found my moms camera broken on the floor. With that said. for the past month. he's also be taking that same cam to school with him. .. yet today on his last day of school, he finds it broken on the floor Behind ME. Yet, I didn't see the cam on the floor Myself when I went to open the door for him. which is also Behind me..

All this means is that im gonna get fussed at for "Yall" doing something. and Everything i dont do..

Shew If it did Fall to its demise, it aint my fault. I was Sleeping Before it happened .. Thats If It Did happen in here... I think he took it to school with him tho..

ahh Talk about one of those days.. SMH.. Im gonna get fussed as because of "Yall" at least thats the way she puts it.. when she directs it to ME..

My Brother gets away with alot because it falls on me Being the only grown person in the house.
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