Thursday, June 04, 2009

cool site, but not really

So I registered an account with, I don't think im going to have it for long. I only got it because I was looking for Twitter clones. The weird part is that This one is like Twitter with a timeline. Plunk is kinda cool, Kinda Slow. but it works. I don't think it will Last.

It's a Canada based company, and the interface is real simple use. I wont be adding the widget to my sidebar though. because I don't Expect to have it for a long period of time. I'm using it as a Status updater for a facebook account I've been using only to play Mobwars with. at the same time. I still will not get Twitter. LOL

The thing is though. I guess i signed up to Pretend to be someone that really doesnt exist. But it's cool. It's funny Because Instead of a Bird and Tweeting, its a Fish and Your Plunking ..LOL

The coolest thing is that you plunk in Real-Time so to speak ..LOL.

Anybody using it and want to add me... can connect to me through This Link.. but please dont expect me to my hyperactive on this site. .. but do expect random madness.

Click HERE. My name on it is O.Micron "Omicron".

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