Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hurricane Preparedness

I got the State of New Orleans Address by mail .. yesterday part 4 came... Honestly I didn't read it because Technically I know the State of Turmoil already. but Truly, The main focus of the letter was Hurricane Preparedness. With that said. it's already in the news, there is some kind of depression in the Ocean somewhere... But really though..Am I ready for a Hurricane? NO.

First off, I need a Good and Large Duffel Bag for my goods. Other than that. I'm Broke and we All know why. .. now, with that said.. LOL.. I realize that many are buying Portable Digital TV's. My mom bought one last year. It's real nice.

I hope we DONT have to evacuate this year for ANYTHING. ..I just don't want to deal with sleeping on a floor this summer ..LOL.. .. Shame. Its 4:43. I should be sleeping. Oddly enough This is the only time i really can blog without being bothered. Weird huh?

"Back to Reality"

I Believe that If their are any hurricanes, They'll all Be Weak. The Hurricane Center wont always be right. at the same time. it's best to be safe than sorry.

..Just a Thought

I Saw a Clip of North Korea's Nuke Test Footage. The Explosion was GREAT!.... If only USA Could send a Missile Through the Eye of a hurricane. I think it would Stop the Hurricane all together. because the Explosion would most likely change the wind patterns due the power of the blast. with the mixture of the smoke and water particles all in the air. it would just make the storm Go away.. at least that's My theory.

I seriously believe it could be done.
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