Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The End Product


So I’m Done with the Editing for now. what do you Think?

On To Another thing though….

I was sitting here talking about Printers, but at the same time, I was thinking of Her.. it’s just something about her other than looks that has seem to grasp my attention. I’m not sure what It is though.  Ever since that moment of Connectivity it’s been a little weird just thinking about it.

She’s One of my best friends and I know she isn't feeling me like that. and I really don’t think I should tell her what I’m feeling because I think it would run her away from me. so IMO keeping her as the friend she Is, is good enough for me. at the same time, I wouldn’t want anybody who knows me to know about that attraction. because when things get across her “dude”. he gets shady. that’s my boy and i wouldn’t disrespect him by “Blocking” so to speak.  that's One reason I wouldn’t don’t want to let my feelings show.  At the same time, She’s not the one I’m truly after. it’s just that The Connection we’ve made as friends has had a big affect my emotions.  and If you’re somebody i talk to all the time  it’s probably not you LOL..

I’m Referring to the one that called my phone on fathers day ..I know she won’t see this, but if she does. She Knows who she is.

as for that other girl.. for my readers y’all already know! lol


Note From The Book

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