Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That Kodak All In One Printer is a BEAST

Well yeah, I just reinstalled it the right way. I’ll add the software to mine real soon, wirelessly.


My Mom bought a new KODAK ESP3 AIO printer for herself due to the last one we had going bad. Eventually I saved the print cartridges and am currently using it for my HP Deskjet F4135 in my room. we have all or Printers Networked. But I rarely use the HP printer. it was for my cousin but she didn't want it. I most recently installed the proper software for it so I’m good with it!

Here’s an Image of my moms printer


it does wonders with the push of a BUTTON!.. and that software is a BEAST!

Here’s an Image of my lame Deskjet


I Haven’t really got a chance to EXPLORE it, but now that I have the proper Software I’ll make an attempt to do so

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