Sunday, June 07, 2009

Explanation of what I'm Feeling

Honestly, If somebody knew exactly how i felt they'd understand. but they wont.

I Honestly feel that I'm missing something or maybe someone In my Life. which is it. I don't know. But what I really need to do is Relax my body and mind. after an eye opener. it's like. I need a new way of adapting to real life again. I've been Inside so long til the point that all the people a socialize with are happen through electronic devices.

I really need to free myself and go out and step into the darkness for a little while. What I mean by that is.. Just going out to socialize with people just because I can.. I was at Wal Mart Yesterday and it was like a Primitive Moment.. As if I was Just Exploring how Humans Behave again. .. it was so weird.. but it was real..

Iono.. Man, I just need to get out more. at this point I really can't explain. it's like. I'm stressed out because I'm always home Being nothing. .. I find Joy in being out. but at the same time. it depends on what I'm doing.. This is a great time to free my mind..

.. it's like, The way things Happen and my associations with people are just cool. but most of those people I don't see in real life at all. They're hundreds of miles away. I mean man, I love my Friends but Its not like I can just up and see them every time i wanted too.

So Crazy.. honestly I miss being around them. I wish i could be around them More. but maybe its time for me to just get out and be Gone.. away from Negro Technology ..LOL

yeah I guess............. I'll be Back on Later

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