Sunday, June 07, 2009

Talk About Stress Relief

Today I'll be going WWE: Extreme Rules! ..

I really need something like THAT to take my mind off of the Daily Grind. I've been stressing myself out over Nothingness. it's time for a change. I've been trying to talk more with "AI". But I guess Texting with a general but non-continuous reply doesn't help me on my part. so I didn't TxT back. but even getting that was cool .lol

I talked to Alicia about getting a new cam. she's got a Canon i wonder what kind though.. shew I need a Nikon.

Speaking of that. I talked to Quisha about how now days everybody wants to be some form of entertainer or Model. Not a Bad thing. But yet its like Everybody wants to be a Celebrity.. thats not Good.. When I go on facebook its like. everybody wants to be a Model or something.. My thing is this, If everybody gets their chance to be a model. who will be there to take their pictures? Everybody wants to be The Star. Nobody thinks about the guy behind the camera. lol

It's like. without Media people. Celebs would be lame.
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