Saturday, June 27, 2009

Song of the Moment | Show You The Way To Go

This song is by the Jacksons

Once again, Rest in peace Michael. but this thread is for something somewhat different as well.

I’d like to dedicated this song to all my Favorite Female friends (aka My Hunnies lol). Especially because i know most of them don’t don’t read this blog.

That song would play every night when I would talk to Bethany, it was one of those songs I seemed to make me feel confident about our Togetherness.  

Now a days I’m Single and Boy am I looking… LOL … Actually that song to me represents a feeling I have as if I can make great things happen between whomever I’m with. Like Magic… wow man, Talk about them Jacksons! ..

Well yeah man.. Sometimes I wish I could find a woman with a positive attitude. one that isn’t bent on being superficial in public. Now I know that sometimes its like that. but I’d rather know the real person. not the person I met while her face is on so to speak.

It kinda hurts knowing those who i ’am interested in have no interest in me.  I’ve been told I was Fat & Ugly By Dudes so who knows what Impression Females get when they SEE me.. because mainly that's what they do. They SEE ME. Not many really want to Know me.  and those who do know me, some only know once side of me.

My favorite females on the other hand, they know many things of me. and I love them for being my my best friends. But I know if it ever came to That level with any of them. it probably wouldn’t last.

There’s one I always talk to. I liked her at one time, I could even see us having a lengthy relationship at some point. I think she’d make a great GF. but I really wouldn’t want to be with her for a long time. She’s one I’d rather remain friends with.

I don’t know man, it’s like, after my only relationship I have this feeling that if i ever get in and out of a relationship with a friend of mine. that we’ll never be friends again. and I think that was proven in the only relationship I’ve had.

There are many out there, only few i find attractive….I just hope I could get one who feels me inside and out.

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